Honestly, if stydia doesn’t happen i will be so pissed. I mean, this is not fair. It’s like Jeff’s back stabbing us, stydia fans who have been waiting faithfully for all this time and when we can finally have what we wanted so much, he destroys it putting Malia on the picture and totally ignoring Stydia likes it was never real. If Jeff dares to do this to us, I hope he can sleep everyday knowing that he betrayed people who has watched and supported his show since the beginning.



I’m so disgusted after watching the dylan/ shelley vid about stalia but you keep in mind that the actors have no idea what’s gonna happen next season. So, they think stalia is still gonna be together lol everyone who watches tv shows knows that there’s no way that a ship can last that long without…



The negativity some of you have are making me have headaches. This is Stiles FIRSTrelationship and its already predicted to go downhill. Stiles still hasn’t been honest to Malia about Peter being her father, and we have no idea what Malia is up to (if she is up to something). The only thing I…